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the official bio. 

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Anne leads a growing a coaching and consulting business that reconnects her clients to their personal freedom (whatever that means to them). 


With more than six years of corporate advisory experience across two continents behind her, Anne decided shift gears and redirect her financial due diligence and corporate strategy skills toward helping people identify and shift the constraints that hold them back from accessing more of their potential.


Anne's clients include founders, entrepreneurs, company directors, project managers, expert consultants and creatives. They find her on aeroplanes, in cafes, random places online, and most often, by recommendation from her existing network and client alumni. She believes in the power of community, and good old-fashioned country hospitality. 


Born in rural South Australia, Anne has lived in two countries, worked in more than 10 and today serves and connects with growth-minded people across the globe from her home base in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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J A I M I E 
professional creative, netherlands

...what I liked most about working with Anne is her intellectual depth. There is no subject that is too complex for her... She reminds me of Sat Shree, a spiritual teacher who's approach is also very analytical and intellectual.

Interested in working 1:1 with Anne, inviting her to speak to your team, at an event or featuring her as a guest on your podcast? 

the real story. 


I was born in a rural community in South Australia. As a kid I was shy, smart, curious and creative. I loved nature, and often found greater comfort in her than hanging with other kids.

I was publicly educated, I paid my own way through a bachelors degree in accounting and finance and subsequently went on to complete a Graduate Diploma in Chartered Accounting (my Dad would have said that makes me a "Bean Counter").


At the start of my career I was told that I didn’t have the “stamina” to be a successful consultant.

The fierce independence and determination my wonderful Mum instilled into me would have me prove otherwise... 


When I was 25, I leveraged my career as a consultant to move across the world from Australia to the Netherlands, without ever having set foot in Europe. I became the youngest manager in my local Big4 transaction advisory division when I was 26. 

Some people call me a perfectionist, but I prefer to say I'm committed to excellence. I've learned to let go, but it wasn't always so easy.


People close to me know that they can count on me unconditionally. Whether it’s helping them move house or holding space for them to talk through their most tender and vulnerable challenges.


My word is my bond. 


When I am at my best, what I bring into the spaces I enter is a sense of openness, compassion and determination. I can be a walking invitation into a deeper state of presence that awakens new opportunity. 

I can enjoy play and silliness, but some might say my sense of humour is rather "niche"...


I am a dreamer and love to imagine what is possible. I hold people to high standards, where appropriate (and sometimes where it's not, I'll own that).


At my worst, what I bring into the spaces I enter is complexity, doubt and frustration that things aren’t going quicker, smoother or better. I can become a fixer. 


One of the most disappointing moments of my finance career was when I made a calculation mistake that cost my client €2 million in cold hard cash. Ouch.


One of the proudest moments was when the same client mentioned my name specifically in their formal review of our work as someone they appreciated for their dedication and performance on the job, despite knowing I messed up. 


I left my finance career because I forgot who I was.


I knew I loved people and especially loved seeing them believe in themselves and what happened when they did. I knew I needed to be more in the people business and less in the report writing business.


Coaching found me. Read my LinkedIn bio if you’d like to play join the dots on the rest of the story.


One of the proudest moments in my coaching career was when I apologised to a client for slipping out of integrity and lacking leadership during a coaching session. I always say that forgiveness is for us, and sorry is for the other person. But wow, did this feel good to own. My clients teach me all the time.


The worst and the best moment of my life happened at the same time: when I held my dad’s hand while he died. I was 19. I was so angry at him. I'm not anymore.


What holds me back the most is that sometimes I want to help everyone, and then I help no one, least of all myself. My high standards can be a trap, too. 


Blissful dissatisfaction is my way of life. I believe we can love where we are at and want more all at the same time. I invite you to give yourself permission for the same and see what happens. 


I found magic beyond my constraints. I know you will too.



My Signature Coaching Method combines the best of the extensive range of techniques I have learned on travelling my own path as well as in obtaining formal certification as a Master Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and holistic practitioner. Key elements of my method include regression therapy, deep coaching and nervous system and emotional regulation which is achieved using body-based techniques and breath practices. I also leverage knowledge from neuroscience, integrative health and spiritual wisdom where appropriate. These elements and modalities combine to effect changes at a deeper level so that my clients obtain both profound and lasting changes. Pursuing freedom also means I want you to be free of me and the support I offer by the end of our partnership.

The Signature Coaching Method

“NO man is more unhappy than he who never faces adversity. For he is not permitted to prove himself.”
― Seneca

If you're inspired to step up to life powerfully, let's talk about how personal development coaching can support you in that.

in the

Truth Warriors interview series with Christi Scarrow


In this interview series, experts share their tips to help leaders to influence and gain commitment from their teams.

Anne shares her experience as Holistic Life Coach and talks about how to enhance well being in the workplace.


"Its not enough for leaders to see smiling faces and think that everything is okay. They need to get very close to their employees and ask good quality questions to understand their true mental state."

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Women of the World with Shan Sarussi


Women of the World is a global podcast that helps guide you back to your true self, hosted by Shannon Sarussi. Anne van der Giessen is a life coach, hypnotherapist and good friend.


We speak openly and honestly about our personal experiences with trust, God and the universe. It gets deep, it gets weird, and it gets emotional.

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E L E M E N T U M 
M A S T E R  C O A C H

A comprehensive, intensive, broad and practical trauma-informed coaching certification (2021)

R T T 

Certified Rapid Transformational Therapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist, trained personally in London by Marisa Peer (2018)

M E M B E R 
C A T 


Formally recognised by the Association of Alternative Therapists in the Netherlands

M E M B E R 
G A T 

Member of external disputes resolution body


Required by regulation in the Netherlands to maintain quality of care and ensure proper handling of client complaints

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