meet  A N N E .

Since I was a small child, I was fascinated by the mystical and had a deep connection with nature - more than I had ever been able to foster with another human. Blessed with a powerful intellect, I was also a high performer in terms of my formal schooling (as distinct from education, which I consider much broader).


Growing up, straddling these worlds of the measurable, tangible and practical and immeasurable, unseen and magical was a challenge for me. I found it easier to gain understanding and acceptance in the world through inhabiting my intellect, so that is where I played for many years. From this place, “fitting in” seemed much easier. 


At 26, I was one of the youngest managers in the mergers and acquisitions department of a “Big 4” global accounting and consultancy firm in Amsterdam, working alongside incredibly smart people, leading meetings with CEOs, CFOs and investment bankers. I was at the top of my game. An unlikely place for a small country town girl from remote South Australia to end up. 


By this time, I had turned to alcohol and food to soothe the inexplicable pain I felt inside, which I later learned resulted from the suppression of so many important parts of myself. I thought I would never find a way to be happy in this world, so turning down the volume seemed like a good option. Meanwhile, everything looked perfect on the outside.


Smart. Well-kept. Always smiling. In a relationship with a successful man. Earning good money. International lifestyle. Travel.


At 28, I could no longer continue the charade. Being inauthentic was no longer something I could handle. So I left the corporate world in an effort to truly rediscover myself, the joys of life, and take the best shot I possibly could at proving my suppressed and depressed self wrong.


Life could be better. It had to be. 


I didn’t know for sure. But I was determined to find out. 


The tools and methods that I use with my clients today are the ones I personally experienced in creating this change in my own life. I call this collection of powerful tools and perspectives my Signature Coaching Method - it's not something you will find anywhere else.


In the end, my personal shift had little to do with my occupation and everything to do with gaining acceptance of who I was. It was an inside-out job. It wasn’t one straight line path. 


It was a gathering of resources from different places, just as a hummingbird gathers nectar.

It was finding allies and meeting guides who I could trust to stand in my corner while I worked things out. Which is what I now do for my clients. 

My transformation required taking distance from unhealthy relationships while I re-built the relationship I had with myself. 

The most profound part was learning to connect to my decision centre - the place of my most powerful and aligned decision-making - and developing my ability to navigate my emotional experience in a healthy way instead of pushing it all down and self-soothing through substances. Tapping in to my intuition and instinct was an important part of that process.  


Today, I serve my clients from my heart by walking beside them. I am on the path with them. Unconditionally. I am an ally and a confidante, climbing both the sunny side and the dark side of the mountain peaks with them. I still use many of the skills I developed as a corporate consultant, with an eye for spotting the subtleties developed through my experience in financial due diligence, and the ability to level with C-suite leaders, developed through the best part of a decade working alongside them.


Officially, (besides being a chartered accountant!), I am a trauma-informed master certified coach, a clinical hypnotherapist and have formal training in breath work, Internal Family Systems, spiritual wisdom, somatic release, sexual embodiment, ontological ideas (a branch of metaphysics known as ‘the science of being’), neurolinguistic programming and integrative heath.


I enjoy spending time in nature, where I do my best thinking. I am a forever student with a keen interest in mythology and philosophy, the mind-body connection, neuroscience and general well-being.

But none of that really matters, because this work is not about what I do, it’s about what you're seeking and what you do. 


If you’re wanting to find your edge and give yourself the best opportunity to excel, AND you’re willing to do what it takes to get there, then let’s talk. I'd love to show you the way. 


the S I G N A T U R E  M E T H O D . 

Anne's Signature Coaching Method combines the best of the extensive range of techniques she has learned on travelling her own path as well as in obtaining formal certification as a Master Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and holistic practitioner. Key elements of Anne's method include regression therapy, deep coaching and nervous system and emotional regulation achieved using body-based techniques and breath practices. Anne also leverages knowledge from neuroscience, integrative health and spiritual wisdom where appropriate. These elements and modalities combine to effect changes at a deeper level so that her clients obtain both profound and lasting changes.


formal C E R T I F I C A T I O N . 

E L E M E N T U M 
M A S T E R  C O A C H

A comprehensive, intensive, broad and practical trauma-informed coaching certification completed over 6 months (2021)

R T T 

Certified Rapid Transformational Therapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist, trained personally in London by Marisa Peer (2018)

M E M B E R 
C A T 


Formally recognised by the Association of Alternative Therapists in the Netherlands

M E M B E R 
G A T 

Member of external disputes resolution body


Required by regulation in the Netherlands to maintain quality of care and ensure proper handling of client complaints