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I’m a human just like you, and I’m passionate about teaching people how they can lead more fulfilling, enriched and well-integrated lives. My work is centred around using natural and accessible strategies to enhance quality of life - from neural (re)programming to change the way our minds process information to making diet and lifestyle changes that really move the needle on our physical and emotional health. I focus on giving you the tools you need so you don't need to rely on me in the longer term. 

If you've reached my site, you are likely looking to do some deeper work. I work with people from diverse backgrounds to help them reach the next level through identifying barriers and shifting them at the root cause level. Those barriers may be mental ones or physical ones, it doesn't really matter. My specialities lie in assisting people with improving confidence, easing anxiety and depression and seeking freedom from addictive behaviours. If you're in doubt as to whether I can help you, please reach out to discuss.

As well as a chartered accountant, I’m also a clinical hypnotherapist and currently undertaking further education in the field of integrative health and bodywork. I'm passionate about understanding human behaviour and using this to optimise performance and enhance enjoyment of life.

A short background

A chartered accountant by trade, I spent my professional career until mid-2019 providing financial due diligence services to large clients undertaking mergers and acquisitions processes. I worked for two global consultancy firms and across two continents over this period. My pivot into coaching, therapy and holistic business consultancy services was driven by the personal challenges I experienced as a finance professional. During this time, I realised how important it was to manage health in order to thrive in all areas of life, not just work.

After a deep and long exploration of my internal drivers, I uncovered what it was that compromised my ability to feel like I could continue as a top performer in my field. Once I got to the bottom of it, I felt this message was far too important to keep to myself. I decided to make a big shift in my professional career and direct my work toward facilitating others in creating fulfilling and well-integrated lives while enjoying success in a professional context as well.

BREATHE - My self-management framework

To re-affirm, my work revolves around giving people the tools they need to thrive without the support of a qualified professional, and teach them how to use these tools: fast. I call this concept self-management.


Why BREATHE? Humans are complex organisms. We can try to look at improving aspects of our lives one at a time, but the truth is that everything is interrelated. This is why I choose to take an holistic approach to the self-management of health and well-being – an approach which captures the various key areas of life. Breaking down my three key pillars of Body, Behaviour and Beliefs, I’ve created a focus area framework to help individuals address areas of life in a systematic way. This also forms the basis for how I deliver my corporate workshops and allows us to define the key areas in which we will do the deep work.

B - Boundaries - Create healthy boundaries in the different areas of life

R - Rest - Take adequate rest to allow for repair, regeneration and restoration of activity

E - Eat right - Eat nutrient-dense real whole foods and drink plenty of water

A - Activity - Move and hold your body in a way which best serves you

T - Trust - Develop trust in yourself and others to create a supportive community

H - Help - Know when are where to ask for help - and do it!

E - Emotions - Understand and take responsibility for your own emotions

…And if you forget everything you learn about this framework – then just remember to BREATHE!

Accreditation and memberships

1545326691_RTT Therapist Roundel Logo.pn

Rapid Transformational Therapist

Personally trained by Marisa Peer, award winning therapist and founder of Rapid Transformational Therapy


Accredited as an RTT Therapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist by the Marisa Peer School


Member Collectief Alternatief Therapeuten

Formally recognised by the Association of Alternative Therapists in the Netherlands


Member Geschillen Alternative Therapeuten

Member of external disputes resolution body


Required by regulation in the Netherlands to maintain quality of care and ensure proper handling of client complaints

My story - the longer version

How unmet needs can derail a career or ignite a vision


I was a top performer, obtaining 4-5 star ratings for every project I executed and progressing quickly up the career ladder, a project manager in less than 5 years after leaving university. Clients appreciated working with me because of my unique mix of kindness, diligence and no-nonsense. Colleagues enjoyed working with me because I brought broad set of technical skills to the table and I was passionate about creating positive learning environments for others. I always went the extra mile to deliver a product that was valuable in terms of content and looked the part too. 

When I joined my first professional firm, their tagline at the time was "Quality in everything we do." This was certainly in alignment with my internal tagline: "Perfection in everything I do." My intense desire to achieve perfection in each and every undertaking served me well in the first years of my career as it accelerated my growth and allowed for me to gain early success and opened up the opportunity to move from my native Australia to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, where I planned to continue my career in a new economic and social environment. 

It was not long before the cracks started to appear. Still very much successful and continuing to inspire others on the outside. Struggling on the inside. Demands on my time led to me being unable to fulfil my desire to deliver perfection, to please everyone around me and never fail... unless I stayed at the office through the night and sacrificed other parts of my life. So of course - that's exactly what I did. I quit running, I stopped putting energy into my relationships and I kept delivering by cutting my nightly sleep duration to somewhere between 4-5 hours. Why? Because without receiving those top performance ratings, the appreciation and acknowledgement from my colleagues and delivering great work, I thought I'd be no one. 

Overcome by fatigue, depression and other health-related issues, my 9-month downward spiral led me to resigning from my job. The ultimate act of self-betrayal, as I attributed the experience I had to my external environment, without giving much thought to the internal one I was maintaining. "A different working culture will fix it", I foolishly thought. As you can guess, I brought my old motivations to my new job and I struggled against many of the same issues. Though in this new environment, I forged some strong early connections with people who managed to call out my BS before it got too out of hand.


This triggered me to do the deep work and revisit my own internal motivations. What I discovered when I looked back at my life and all the events passed, was that I was still seeking to fulfil unmet needs I had as a child.