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I invite you to join me on a transformational journey to...



At what point do you decide that you are ready to take action and choose the way your life unfolds, rather than just ride the wave and see where it takes you?

You likely know that you are capable of achieving something much bigger than where you’re at now. You're in touch with your potential. The challenge is... you don’t know where to begin.


Maybe on the outside you seem happy, but inside things feel crappy. You're constantly dealing with a pretty mean internal dialogue, from which you crave liberation. Admitting you’re stuck feels icky. I get it. But persevering with the status quo just because it’s easy and tolerable can often lead to:

  • Burnout - if you can’t say no your body will do it for you

  • Falling into a state of hopelessness

  • Giving up on your dreams, then looking back and asking ‘...but what if?’

I don’t want you to be that person. Even though you may not always feel it, you are smart. You are capable. You are motivated. You are strong. You are ambitious. You’ve achieved so much already.

Perhaps you've tested out traditional talk-therapies to get past your challenges, which didn't move the needle for you, so you figure you just need to soldier-on. I am here to tell you that there is another way.


You just need to take the handbrake off.

My 21-day 1:1 therapy programme to free you from internal limitations and get you taking positive action toward your goals

Together, we can work at a deeper level of your powerful mind and begin activate the change you seek in just 3 simple steps



It's important to be frank. What situation are you in currently? How does it affect you? Let's get the facts straight before we start making changes. We discuss what’s going on for you and what areas are most important for you to work on so we can be specific about the outcomes you want to achieve.




There are forces at play keeping you where you are. And to either work with them or disable them, we need to know why they exist today. Here we use regression therapy to access your subconscious mind and see when and why the blockage was first installed, so we can reverse it at that level.



The past is not a road map for the future. Creating a design for your trajectory will make sure you stay motivated and committed to effect the changes you seek. You want it - create it. I will guide you through a process to keep up your mental hygiene and reinforce your new upgraded neural pathways.

How would your life look if you could uncover and release your mental limitations, so you didn’t need to carry the weight of them every single day?

  • Free yourself from anxiety

  • Let go of bad habits

  • Build healthier relationships

  • Learn how to put better boundaries in place in all areas of your life

  • Give yourself permission to take action on your goals

  • Speak up for yourself more

  • Become more confident and decisive 

  • Change your relationship with fear

What if I told you that you could achieve some of these outcomes in as little as 21-days and begin taking powerful actions toward living your life by design, rather than by chance? What if I told you that undoing unhelpful programming from earlier in your life didn’t have to be a long and gruelling process?


Too good to be true? I hear you. Some of my clients doubted this too. But after our work together, they realised that they had more power and potential than they could ever have imagined. This is not a silver bullet. But we were able to accelerate their growth using a fast, scientifically-backed approach, and they saw the benefits...


“...I understand now which internal narratives I had about me that were not serving me anymore and I even discovered that certain events in my life still play a role in the way I behave now that I wasn't aware of. The session gave me a new living framework and left me feeling empowered, relieved and full of hope."

- Katerina

Feeling uncomfortable about looking at emotional topics? Don’t worry - it’s my task to guide you through the process to make it comfortable and empowering for you


"As someone who is reserved about talking about personal feelings, I felt no hesitation opening up to Anne. Her warm and considerate personality made me feel very much at ease already from the very start, and judging by the questions she asked and the way she drew conclusions from our conversations I could tell she was invested, dedicated and capable of making the session a success."

- Joshua

This is your kick-start to regaining control and becoming the steward of your life!

Your mind knows exactly why you’re stuck. Regression therapy allows you to peel back the layers to access your powerful subconscious mind and find out what’s going on. Once you release your (metaphorical) brakes at this deeper level, true transformation is possible.

This summer, or winter for those in the Southern Hemisphere, travel plans are off. And that makes it the perfect time to travel inside, blow out the cobwebs and reset internally so you’re ready to take on life.

Here is what’s included in your Handbrake Off!

transformation plan

30 minute intake call to discuss your current situation, how you want to direct your transformation and isolate the key outcomes you want to achieve.


1.5-2.5 hour online transformational therapy session where we use a combination of hypnosis/trance state and regression therapy to isolate the root cause of your present limits. Here we access the powerful subconscious mind and initiate the transformation at a deeper level.


Fully customised transformational audio recording lasting ~15 minutes, which you will listen to for 21-days following the session in order to program in your new upgraded beliefs.


60 minute coaching call after 21-days to discuss your progress and create a high-level plan to keep your momentum going into the future. 

“We can’t expect things to change if we remain the same.”

- Christine Hassler


Are you ready to go deep and ignite the transformation that you crave?

I invite you to take this step with me.


“...I can’t tell you how much I think it’s helped me grow and just get on with doing what I need and want to do.”

- Tom 

“We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

- Albert Einstein

Want to appoint me as a guide as you venture into the unknown?

This programme is for you if…


  • You’re motivated to make change in your life

  • You believe that your situation is changeable, even if you can’t yet see how

  • You have an idea of where your inner tension lies, but you’re not sure what to do with it

  • You’ve tried other modalities that haven’t worked

  • You are open to alternative ideas and innovative solutions to problems

  • You are willing to talk about difficult parts of your past, even if it feels uncomfortable

  • You believe a fast transformation is possible (or at least entertain the idea)

  • You are committed to doing the work

  • The idea of taking back control of your life makes you feel excited!


If you’re resonating with this, then this program is for you.

This program is not a good fit for you if…


  • You’re looking for a magic fix to reset your mind

  • You don’t like to put in effort in order to create change in your life

  • You’re not willing to talk about deeper emotional topics

  • You believe others are generally responsible for where you are (or are not) in life

Can this really work for you?

I know you have that big question - is it really possible to initiate change in such a short period of time? It feels too good to be true.

The tools I use to help you ignite change leverage the power of neural reprogramming. We’re addressing your challenge at a much deeper, subconscious level.


I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Rapid Transformational Therapist. The technique I use combines elements from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and traditional talk therapies. On top of this, we also layer the conscious mindset activities which teach you how to maintain and integrate your new more constructive beliefs. It’s not magic, it’s neuroscience. When you change your mind at the physiological level, you change everything. Nobody has time to feel bad. That’s why we’re playing the fast game. 

Maybe you wonder if this is some kind of introduction and to get real results you’ll have to continue on a longer term coaching agreement?


No. I’m very transparent with what I offer, as for us to succeed we need to fully trust each other. I always tell my clients - I want to see you as few times as possible! Because that means I’m doing my job well. We always aim for maximum results in one 21-day programme


If I suspect your case is one which is more complex and will require more follow-up support than what is included in this program, I will tell you this during our intake call.



I want you to feel good about investing in yourself today. If you sign up, initiate the process and then find after our intake call that you no longer wish to continue, I will refund your investment - no questions asked.


As long as you cancel outside of 48 hours before our planned session (as a lot of planning goes into preparing for each transformation), you’ll see your investment returned.

If you want to know more about me before you dive in, you can jump over and read my bio in here.


You will also find me on social media - Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn (linked bottom of page), where I have also shared a few videos.

Do you have more questions?

Hopefully you will find the answers below in the FAQs. But if not, you can always schedule a 15 minute Clarity Call with me and we can discuss your case specifically.