"We're all just walking each other home."

 - Ram Dass

From the first seconds I met Anne, I immediately felt that her drive to help me came straight from her heart... She helped me put some deeply rooted anger behind me. To erase some traumatic experiences.... She has been key in my transformation.

- Giorgio, Digital Banking Specialist, Luxembourg

Stepping into your potential

To achieve a sustainable transformation, the work you do must be fuelled by YOU-power. The hard reality is there is no magic fix outside of you, it's all within you.

You are likely here because you are seeking a guide to help you pull all the puzzle pieces together, to remind you that you are not alone on your path. Someone who can help you feel confident in taking the next step, in making big changes, either internally or externally.

You're ready to dive deeper and pinpoint the limiting beliefs and subconscious programs which drive your experience, impact your relationships and affect your performance in all areas of life. You are ready to upgrade them.

This work can give you access to more of your potential than you ever imagined existed.

Live life with less resistance. Find peace inside. Reclaim stewardship over your life.

Turn your lack of belief in yourself, your stress and anxiety into an unshakable sense of your own self-worth - without years of therapy, drugs or invasive interventions.

Challenge your beliefs

There is a common belief that personal transformation is difficult. That recovering from trauma, letting go of addictions and finding freedom from anxiety is hard. 


I want you to challenge that belief.


Your potential has no limits. Your job is to explore it. And my job is to help you challenge the limiting beliefs that keep you feeling stuck.

We all have busy lives. No one has time to feel bad.

You don't just want to take a step forward. You want to step into your freedom and start living the life you want. Get your mind on your side. Gather your tools. Execute a strategy. I believe you can do it, and you will soon too.

Image by Callum Pastuszak
Hey there, thanks for being here.

I'm Anne van der Giessen and I am here to support you in transforming your life - quickly and permanently.

After years of graduate and post-graduate studies and working internationally for more than six years in the corporate finance sector, I made a big switch. It was time for me engage professionally with what has always been my interest - how to help people live happier, healthier lives in which they can access more of their potential with less resistance. 

So many of us start from the outside, changing things around us in an effort to try to "fix" things. But what if nothing is broken? What if an internal recalibration is all that's required?

That's where I have redirected the detective skills I acquired from my financial due diligence days into helping you identify and heal your challenges at the source.

Anne van der Giessen

Amsterdam Oud Zuid, Noord Holland | Online globally

e | anne@annevandergiessen.com