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The shadow of the holy hills

When you're near the holy hills, you know you're close to finding it.

The gift.

But first, you find despair.

The gift is that thing that you were born with that was made especially for you, especially at this time. Designed to be drawn out when the time is ripe.

The problem is, that when we find ourselves close to the holy hills, that's the time we feel like giving up.


There is an ancient Mayan story about a boy who was born into the world, as we all are, with great gifts. The midwife assisting his mother during his birth took his gifts, those that arrived with him at birth, and travelled into the mountains to leave them with safe custodians.

For at birth, we are not yet ripe. We are full, but not ripe.

So with that, life carries on.

Eventually, burning questions drive us toward the hills. Questions about truth. About education. About the nature of life, and its ability to offer us a certain level of reciprocity.

Perhaps it is the stewing on these questions that inspires us to pursue our gifts with such passion. Or so passionately rebel when we cannot orient ourselves toward them.

I digress. Back to the Mayan boy...

On seeking his gifts, the boy, now a young man, went toward the mountains. There, he encountered much trouble, much resistance, yet he went forth.

Something was trying to be revealed.

And when he was ripe for the revelation, he came upon the custodians of his gifts. There he stayed to learn how to wield them. It wasn't easy. Yet, it was required.

Upon mastering his gifts, he returned to his village. He understood now why it had to be this way.

With peace in his heart, he shared his gift with his people and he allowed himself to feel nurtured by what emerged from this sharing, too.

The end.

...okay, you caught me out. This Mayan tale is but another version of the Hero's Journey.

And more importantly, a reminder that if you're currently dwelling at the base of the holy hills, challenged, lost, confused. That is okay. That is part of your story.

Forsakenness may be viewed as a necessary step.

You're allowed to not like it.

But remember, your gift awaits. So keep going.

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