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Are you ready to begin consciously directing your mind so that you can start living life with less tension and resistance?

Sometimes it feels like your mind is running you rather than the other way around.  Have you ever stopped to consider where the thoughts and feelings you have on a day to day basis come from?


Stepping away from the complexity of psychological concepts, our thoughts originate from one of two places:

  • Our instincts

  • Our beliefs


Our belief systems come from our conditioning, representing patterns stored in our brain from previous lived experiences. Extra hint: many of the beliefs which impact your daily life don’t even belong to you!


The nature of our programming  is a well-documented scientific fact, and relates mainly to the brain wave states we experience during our formative years which allow experiences to be more easily imprinted into our subconscious. There is an evolutionary reason for this, but in the modern world this imprinting is more likely to hold us back rather than support us to thrive.


The good news - we can change our beliefs. We can direct our minds with much more consciousness than thought. We can change the course of our thoughts which in turn impact our behaviours and our experience of life. And it’s pretty straightforward to rewire your beliefs in a way which is more constructive to achieving what you want - this begins by influencing the subconscious.

What if the biggest thing holding you back right now was the way in which you relate to yourself?

Using a combination of trance state (hypnosis) to access deeper brain patterns and guided regression to identify the origins of your outdated programs, you can choose new, upgraded programs and begin to activate the change you seek in just 3 simple steps...



It's important to be frank. What situation are you in currently? How does it affect you? Let's get the facts straight before we start making changes. We discuss what’s going on for you and what areas are most important for you to work on so we can be specific about the outcomes you want to achieve.




There are forces at play keeping you where you are. And to either work with them or disable them, we need to know why they exist today. Here we use regression therapy to access your subconscious mind and see when and why the blockage was first installed, so we can reverse it at that level.



The past is not a road map for the future. Creating a design for your trajectory will make sure you stay motivated and committed to effect the changes you seek. You want it - create it. I will guide you through a process to keep up your mental hygiene and reinforce your new upgraded neural pathways.

I will be your guide through this process, but the real power is within you.
What issues can be addressed using the transformational therapy process?

This powerful combination of regression therapy and coaching can benefit many different challenges. The areas I primarily work with include anxiety, stress, confidence issues, self-esteem, release of anger, guilt, and shame, processing grief, panic attacks, performance, motivation, fears and phobias and addictions. 

I work with people all over the world to help them move beyond the previous constraints of their mind and access their personal freedom. If you’re not quite sure what you want to work on yet, or where your highest priority should be, I can assist you in identifying this during a clarity call. 

In every challenge we face, we are presented with a choice: evolve or don’t. Remaining unchanged will likely result in the same pain and discomfort presenting itself in your reality until you decide to choose yourself. To choose to evolve.

If you notice repeating patterns in your life which bring about frustration and a sense of being trapped, this is likely your cue to dig a little deeper, peel back those layers, and begin creating your life more consciously. Carl Jung famously said:

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for igniting change because it works directly with the deeper levels of the subconscious which runs our lives. Hypnotherapy is a powerful component of this work, and it's not as scary as you might have imagined! In fact, my clients report back that it's a very safe and relaxing process. Working beyond the conscious means faster access to the information needed for healing and releasing old traumas. This way, fast and permanent change can be embedded and you can quickly move toward living your personal freedom.

We don’t just talk repetitively about your issues. You’ve done enough of that. Now is the time for healing and putting it all behind you.

Your mind holds the key to your freedom - sometimes you just need a guide to assist you in finding the lock.

A 4-week transformation package providing targeted freedom around a key issue impacting your life

What's included?

Intake assessment 

30 minute intake call plus follow-up intake questionnaire to capture your challenge and map out your desired outcome. 

Transformation design session

30 minute call to fully define your goals and design your transformation. Here we will also create a rating scale to support you in measuring your transformation process. 

Online transformational therapy session

2-3 hour session using a combination of hypnosis/trance state and regression therapy to isolate the root cause of your present limits. Here we access the powerful subconscious mind and initiate the transformation at this deeper level. A lot of release and healing takes place at this stage. 

Fully customised transformational audio recording

Custom hypnosis recording (~15-20 minutes) based on your transformation design. You should aim to listen to this daily for 21-days following the transformation session in order to program in your new upgraded beliefs.

Integration call - 3 weeks following the transformation session

60 minute call. Here we anchor in your transformation and address any challenges coming up along the way.


24/7 support via Voxer.

“If you don’t like what is happening in your life, look carefully at what you are choosing unconsciously.”

Arnold Patent, Universal Principles

You know this package is for you if:
  • You’re motivated to make change in your life

  • You believe that your situation is changeable, even if you can’t yet see how

  • You have an idea of where your inner tension lies, but you’re not sure what to do with it

  • You’ve tried other modalities that haven’t worked

  • You are open to alternative ideas and innovative solutions to problems

  • You are willing to talk about difficult parts of your past, even if it feels uncomfortable

  • You believe a fast transformation is possible (or at least entertain the idea)

  • You are committed to doing the work

  • The idea of taking back control of your life makes you feel excited!

It's probably not a good fit if...
  • You’re looking for a magic fix to reset your mind

  • You don’t like to put in effort in order to create change in your life

  • You’re not willing to talk about deeper emotional topics

  • You believe others are generally responsible for where you are (or are not) in life

Would you like to hear some inspiring
stories from other clients?
I hear you asking… Can this really work for me?

I know you have that big question - is it really possible to initiate change in such a short period of time? It feels too good to be true.


​The tools I use to help you ignite change leverage the power of neural reprogramming. We’re addressing your challenge at a much deeper, subconscious level.


I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and have been trained in Rapid Transformational Therapy. The techniques I use combines elements from psychosocial development theories, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and traditional talk therapies. On top of this, we also layer in conscious mindset activities which teach you how to maintain and integrate your new more constructive beliefs. It’s not magic, it’s neuroscience. When you change your mind at the physiological level, you change everything. Nobody has time to feel bad. That’s why we equip you with the tools and practices required to make changes as quickly as feasible. 


I’m very transparent with what I offer, as for us to succeed we need to fully trust each other. I always tell my clients - I want to see you as few times as possible! Because that means I’m doing my job well. We always aim for maximum results within the framework of one package.


If I suspect your case is one which is more complex and will require more follow-up support than what is included in this program, I will tell you this during our intake call and we can decide what works best for you.

I’m looking forward to supporting you on this journey.


I want you to feel good about investing in yourself today. If you sign up, initiate the process and then find after our intake call that you no longer wish to continue, I will refund your investment - no questions asked.


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