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Audio recordings

Important Instructions and Disclaimer


Anne van der Giessen prepares audio recordings designed to put your brain into an altered state of consciousness, opening the gateway to the subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind can be a very powerful place to spend time in for both emotional and physical healing and growth.

While you are listening to this recording, your brain will most likely leave the beta brain wave state it spends most of its time in and enter into an alpha brain wave state. This is the state connected with practising activities such as yoga or tai chi and many meditations. It is a lighter state of hypnosis. As you allow yourself to go deeper you may reach a theta brain wave state. This is the state we enter in the early stages of sleep, deeper meditative practises and intense creative flow states; a deeper level of hypnosis.

In either of these states, but particularly theta, your subconscious is better able to absorb new suggestions because of the reduced level of analysis by the conscious mind. This is also known as subconscious receptivity. The full spectrum of waves between alpha and theta may be referred to as ‘hypnosis’ or ‘trance,’ and with this state of subconscious receptivity induced positive and healing words can have a much more profound impact on us than if we were to hear the words in our normal, conscious, beta brain wave state.

Generic (non-customised) recordings give the listener the opportunity to access tools to re-wire the subconscious mind and foster positive change in one’s life. It is generally recommended that you combine listening to one of these recordings with receiving healthcare from a suitably qualified professional.



To get started, all you need is a pair of headphones and an MP3 player (or your phone switched to aeroplane mode once you’ve downloaded the recording). Then take the following steps:

  • Find a comfortable place, free of distractions, where you will not be disturbed for the duration of your recording

  • Either sit or lie down, with your neck supported, keeping your eyes open

  • Press play and follow the instructions for the induction which guides you on the important steps to induce rapid eye movement (“REM”), moving you rapidly into the ideal relaxed state

  • Relax, and avoid returning to conscious thought. Allow the words to wash over you and sink in as you enjoy this self-care practice. With practice this will become easier

NOTE: It’s a good idea to check the sound volume on your device before getting started to make sure it’s at the right level for you. You want to hear the words clearly while being able to experience some relaxation.

Many people choose to listen to their recording at night time right before going to sleep. It doesn’t matter if you fall asleep during the recording as your subconscious mind still hears the words. For best results, you should listen daily for 21 days. If you’d like to listen twice daily, this has enhanced the positive effects for some listeners and you’re welcome to give it a try.
Be patient. Some people report results quickly and for other it takes time. Most of all – stay curious and enjoy the process!


The audio recordings and other audio products (the “Products”) produced by Anne van der Giessen remain copyright of Anne van der Giessen and should not be distributed to other persons without express permission from Anne van der Giessen. These Products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or any other health authority.
The Products are not intended to treat or cure any disease or illness, whether physical or emotional. No subject matter presented by Anne van der Giessen whether delivered via, social media channels or communicated directly by email or otherwise is to be taken as medical advice.

Under no circumstances should you drive a car or operate dangerous machinery while listening to any recording from Anne van der Giessen. These Products can produce hyper-relaxed states that may endanger you in situations that require your direct attention.

Those meeting any of the following conditions, whether knowingly or not, should not use Anne van der Giessen’s audio Products:

  • Epileptics or those prone to seizures

  • Those diagnosed with a psychotic illness

  • Those with a pacemaker

  • Pregnant women

  • Those who are photosensitive

  • Those who are sensitive to auditory and / or visual stimulation

  • Those with degenerative eye conditions


If in doubt, please contact Anne at


Do not use Anne van der Giessen’s audio Products while under the influence of alcohol or mood-altering substances regardless of their legality. Individuals under the influence of medication or drugs should consult a physician before using these Products.

Consult your doctor directly if you have any questions or concerns regarding the effect audio Products may have on you.

Anne van der Giessen’s products are recommended only for those over 18 years of age.

The user of these audios assumes all risks in using and/or listening to Anne van der Giessen’s Products and waives any claims against Anne van der Giessen, and affiliates, for all mental or physical injuries.

The user assumes liability when allowing other persons to use or hear Anne van der Giessen’s Products whether the user is knowingly or un-knowing allowing access to these Products.

It is not uncommon for repressed emotions or memories to surface as you use your audio recording Product to acquaint yourself with your subconscious mind. These releases are a healthy part of processing and improving your emotional state and can lead to improvements in personal development. In highly sensitive situations, it is advised to seek professional, one-to-one assistance from an appropriate practitioner if you have difficulty processing particular emotions on your own. If in doubt, consult your doctor or qualified healthcare professional. 

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