Personal Transformation

You're working hard toward your goals - professional, physical, relationship, whatever it is. But something feels stuck. No matter what you try, you can't move forward and you feel hopeless and helpless. The world doesn't always feel like a kind place and sometimes it feels too raw and too vulnerable to ask for help. 

Know that it doesn't have to be this way - you can overcome your challenges and you can do that quickly if you work on uncovering the root cause rather than simply addressing the symptoms. I offer an effective way of getting to the root rapidly and I do that with a kind and dedicated approach, so you don't need to feel like you're doing this alone. 

I work with professional men and women to gain a better understanding of emotional blocks and set-backs which manifest in fatigue, more frequent illness, addiction, weight change, anxiety and a general feeling of not being good enough in the various roles we play. I offer two pathways to do this, depending on the level of support you need. If you're ready to work with a therapist and coach who can guide you to the next level quickly, read on below or contact me for a Clarity Call.   

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Rapid Transformational Therapy

This 21-day RTT package will allow you to get to the bottom of what's driving a current issue in your life and give you rapid relief. Together we shift your beliefs and set out the intentional actions you need to take to fix this shift in your life.

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Rapid Success Coaching

You're ready for and craving a bigger shift in your life but you're not sure were to begin. Together we work on your life integration puzzle and identify the key growth areas. Using a combination of subconscious tools and conscious actions we ignite that change together.

Corporate well-being

You're a leader, an entrepreneur, or responsible for managing a team. You find yourself consistently challenged by people-related matters:



  Team disputes

  High sickness rates

  Low engagement

In 2019 the TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research) released worrying research which put the annual cost of burnout and work-related stress to Dutch businesses to €2.8 billion... and rising. Ouch. 

In traditional business environments we receive little training on how to handle the emotions of others, let alone getting a firm grip on our own emotions. A lot of the time, stress-related illness and dysfunction is driven by emotions. As much as economic theories try to explain how markets work under the rational person assumption, we all know that this doesn't hold true for individuals ( how can it be true for markets!?). We are irrational beings; in a battle between emotion and logic, emotion always wins.

Part of the beauty of humankind is that we are unique individuals and experience our environments differently. However, this very fact brings about a new challenge for business as technology evolves faster than it has ever before in human history. And our homo sapiens brains simply struggle to deal with what is happening around us. We are constantly triggered, are expected to produce more output than ever before and we simply haven't figured out a way to deal with these conflicting dynamics in a way which makes business sense.

I work with organisations to implement leadership-driven workforce health transformation and optimisation. I also help management teams translate key strategic messages to the workforce in a way which is personally engaging and motivating.

My approach addresses key challenges in the context of 3 key pillars:




None of these elements can function optimally without focus on the other two elements and for this reason I approach all business challenges from a holistic perspective, just like one would do in addressing a physical health issue in a person. Further, what sits behind these three elements is mindset. 

In working with organisations, my first mission is gaining alignment with leadership and supporting key influencers to understand personal barriers to success. Once alignment is obtained within leadership, changes can be made more broadly within the organisational structure. Focus should then switch to the employees within an organisation... once they understand the organisational mission and start improving their own lives, the benefits will flow through into the work they do in the form of higher levels of engagement and productivity. This has potential to unlock huge rewards for the company, both financially and otherwise, that they might not have known were available before.

My approach includes a rich focus on educational aspects. Science-based theories satisfy the left-brain thinkers while empowering people to better self-regulate their emotions and reduce stress on a day to day basis. Solutions offered to leadership are simple, effective, require a small time investment and are given with the bottom-line in mind. With a background in financial consultancy I understand that numbers drive decisions, and that's precisely why we need to talk about how I can help you today.

To arrange a meeting to discuss how I can build a tailored support package for your business or team, please fill in my contact form:


"...why do the vast majority of employee-performance dialogues focus on progress against financial targets, and not on whether behavior is contributing to organizational health?"


The economic role of an entity is to maximise shareholder wealth. This polarising aim has led to many dysfunctional behaviours within organisations, which deteriorate firm value rather than add to it.

Mindset drives behaviour drives outcomes. Work on the mindsets within your organsation to improve the health of your workforce and see the bottom line side effects for yourself.