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GET Support.

Are you unwilling to accept “average”? 


Is freedom is a not-negotiable for you?


Do you believe you have something important to offer the world, but sometimes struggle to find the right place for it?

You, like one of my clients, can likely benefit from saying yes to a personal development mentorship where you receive continuous support and feedback around how you are showing up to your personal and professional life.  


Some of my clients run multi-million dollar companies, some farm the land, some lead exceptional teams, some are doctors or scientists and imagine new ideas and technologies. Some lead households, some are deeply creative and engaged in the arts.


They all believe in serving others and dare to be pioneers in the spaces they play.

They are also human. So, like you and me, they encounter challenges in both their inner and outer worlds. 


Those challenges might look like excessive stress, performance anxiety, difficulty in managing competing priorities, relational challenges in a personal or professional context, lack of fulfilment, or fatigue, for example. My job is to support them in getting the inner world in order and becoming the master of their minds so that the outer reality transforms exponentially. 


I do that by supporting them to reconnect with their inner peace, personal power, and unbounded possibilities.


If that’s something that sounds interesting to you too, let’s talk!

I serve my clients from the fullness of my heart, and work to create a space inside our coaching relationship where all of you is welcome - the good, the bad, and the downright shameful.


ALL of it is welcome (actually, necessary).


Alongside the warm welcome, I can also be confronting and provocative when needed. My style of coaching is not for the faint-hearted.

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B E R N I E  
project manager, netherlands

I feel amazing... how I feel today compared to how I felt three weeks ago is like night and day. I'm just feeling so much more like, relaxed, calm, like everything just is so much easier.

Screen Shot 2022-03-18 at 00.38_edited.jpg

Mr. A N O N
financial consultant, netherlands

Anne has been extremely attentive and supportive for me in this turbulent time.

Screen Shot 2022-03-18 at 00.38_edited.jpg

coach and performing artist, USA

...She helped hold up a mirror reminding me of my power and my strength. I grew so much from working with her.


Here is how it normally works when we explore working together. 


STEP 1: Application 


Fill in the short form and schedule a time for us to connect on a Power Hour session.


STEP 2: Confirm


I will read your responses and confirm the call where I feel that I can support you. 


STEP 3: Power Hour


We’ll meet on Zoom to go deeper into your current dreams and obstacles. I will ask some coaching questions to clarify what you’re seeking. If it feels like a natural step for both of us, we will talk more about what working together could look like. If it feels like you need a little time to integrate what we’ve talked about rather than switching pace to talk business, we’ll schedule a follow up call to cover the specifics of working together.


STEP 4: Offer


If it’s a good fit and we both feel positive about a collaboration, I’ll make an offer to you to formalise our coaching agreement.


STEP 5: Onboarding


You’ll take care of the paperwork which defines our scope of work together.


STEP 6: Cross the threshold 


Our exploration begins…


Not sure yet, but would like to stay connected?

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"She always guided me towards the highest version of myself and to come back home, to my heart, back to love. If you need a coach who is extremely detail-oriented, never misses a beat and has a wonderful sense of humour you need Anne."

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