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Introduction to trance-state reprogramming
For health, well-being and performance

Anne van der Giessen prepares audio recordings designed to put your brain into an altered state of consciousness, opening the gateway to the subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind can be a very powerful place to spend time in for both emotional and physical healing and growth.

While you are listening to this recording, your brain will most likely leave the beta brain wave state it spends most of its time in and enter into an alpha brain wave state. This is the state connected with practising activities such as yoga or tai chi and many meditations. It is a lighter state of hypnosis. As you allow yourself to go deeper you may reach a theta brain wave state. This is the state we enter in the early stages of sleep, deeper meditative practises and intense creative flow states; a deeper level of hypnosis.

In either of these states, but particularly theta, your subconscious is better able to absorb new suggestions because of the reduced level of analysis by the conscious mind. This is also known as subconscious receptivity. The full spectrum of waves between alpha and theta may be referred to as ‘hypnosis’ or ‘trance,’ and with this state of subconscious receptivity induced positive and healing words can have a much more profound impact on us than if we were to hear the words in our normal, conscious, beta brain wave state.

Generic (non-customised) recordings give the listener the opportunity to access tools to re-wire the subconscious mind and foster positive change in one’s life. It is generally recommended that you combine listening to one of these recordings with receiving healthcare or support from a suitably qualified professional.

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