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Claim Your Calm

This hypnotic meditative audio will allow you to release anxious thoughts and stay centred during times of challenge. By listening to these words in trance state, you have the ability to upgrade your thinking and allow yourself to find more freedom and calm within. All you need is 15-20 minutes daily.


Binaural beats help you to get to that next level of relaxation by supporting you to reach the beta and theta brainwave states science tells us is best for relaxation, restoration and regeneration; that state where our immune system can look after our bodies. An extra 5 minutes of pure beats have been included in this track for your enjoyment. Sample both versions for yourself and see which one feels best. For the full experience - headphones are essential!


Crystal/Minds are an Amsterdam-based duo creating transformative electronic soundbaths and meditation experiences. They generously contributed this beautifully mixed binaural beats and nature sounds track to support you in finding calm. Follow them on facebook and Instagram or check out their website for more.

You can always come back to the instructions here or email with any questions.

Enjoy your 15-20 minutes of calm and may it stay with you through the day!

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