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All client experiences are shared with permission
Image by Pawel Czerwinski
Fabien Le Guillarm, CEO

When I started working with Anne, I had a growing need of contribution to the society, but I was unable to actually put it out in the world. Through very gentle steps, Anne helped me unfold and unravel some limiting beliefs, but at the same time, never forgot about the end goal. The coaching sessions were a great experience!

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Jaimie Peeters, Professional Creative
The Netherlands

Working with Anne is working with somebody who truly cares, but what I liked most about working with here is her intellectual depth. There is no subject that is too complex for her to dive into which allows me to explore any possibility of a subject and have her reflect it back to me. She reminds me of Sat Shree, who is a spiritual teacher who's approach is also very analytical and intellectual. It works best for me.

Tom, Entrepreneur & Chartered Accountant

Tom approached me to see if I could support him in kicking his gambling habit which had worsened over recent years. He wanted to totally give up the addiction and was apprehensive about my suggestion that we should aim to change the behaviour with just one hypnotherapy session. Could it really be possible? After an early setback, he got in touch after one month bet-free to report back on how the session had changed his life.’s not only that - every other decision I’m making now is just so strong and well executed. I mean, I can’t tell you how much I think it’s helped me grow and just get on with doing what I need and want to do.

Image by Tim Stief
Giorgio, Digital Banking Specialist

From the first seconds I met Anne, I immediately felt that her drive to help me came straight from her heart... She helped me put some deeply rooted anger behind me. To erase some traumatic experiences.... She has been key in my transformation.

Image by Scott Graham
Anonymous, Financial Consultant
The Netherlands

As someone who is reserved about talking about personal feelings, I felt no hesitation opening up to Anne. Her warm and considerate personality made me feel very much at ease already from the very start, and judging by the questions she asked and the way she drew conclusions from our conversations I could tell she was invested, dedicated and capable to making the session a success.

Image by Sunrise King
Anonymous, Business Valuation Specialist
The Netherlands

After a prolonged period building up tensions, both work and private related, I ended up at home with sick leave. Anne has been extremely attentive and supportive for me in this turbulent time. Her RTT [(hypnotherapy)] has made me become aware of the importance of having my body and mind in balance, to understand my true values and beliefs and how these drive my behaviour. I strongly felt that Anne was genuinely concerned and dedicated to my well-being, always taking ample time for me both in our sessions as well as in her follow-ups.

Image by Simone Secci
You, CEO of Your Life

[Insert your story here...

Awaiting your "YES" to your

personal growth]

discover the 

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Rachel, Transformational Coach
Texas, USA

Anne is absolutely amazing to work with! She helped me navigate through one of the toughest times in my life and held me through it all. She helped hold up a mirror reminding me of my power and my strength. I grew so much from working with her. She's absolutely incredible. If you are looking to work with a coach who will see you and help you on your transformational journey - she's the one!

Anonymous, Creative Entrepreneur

Anne helped me to connect with myself in a deeper level and have a meaningful conversation with my feelings and anxieties. With her gentle help, I was able to confront difficult traumas that were generating a lot of panic attack and nightmares. Now, I haven’t had any panic attack in months, and I’m letting more people in, which is one of the subjects we worked on. All my friends can see the difference, I’m very happy.

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Karen Elaine, Self-empowerment Coach

I've worked with Anne for the past 6 weeks and I am blown away by her support in my personal growth journey. She holds such a safe, compassionate, and supportive space. I feel seen, heard, and held by her in every call. She asks powerful questions, listens with her heart, and offers reflections that help connect the dots... I highly recommend her coaching to anyone who wants to feel more in alignment with their true self as they overcome life's challenges.

Taranga IG.jpg
​Taranga, Deputy Team Lead / HR at PwCSwitzerland

My work with Anne has been absolutely life changing. Not only because she has such a tremendous amount of knowledge and wisdom to share, but because she as well has been through hell and back. She knows what she is talking about. In in every minute of working with her, she knew exactly what to say and how to handle every situation with such an incredible amount of compassion and grace. Sometimes she would just write me a text message that she was here in case I needed her. That seemingly small detail made such a difference, knowing that I was never alone. She always guided me towards the highest version of myself and to come back home, to my heart, back to love. If you need a Coach who is extremely detail oriented, never misses a beat and has a wonderful sense of humour you need Anne.

Image by H Fall
Bernie, Project Manager
The Netherlands

When I started to work with Anne I was at the lowest point in my life. I really struggled to put my emotions into words and to explain why and how I was feeling the way I was, I felt incredibly lost and emotionally overwhelmed...

...a few weeks after our deep dive session:

I feel amazing... how I feel today compared to how I felt three weeks ago is like night and day. I'm just feeling so much more like, relaxed, calm, like everything just is so much easier.

Image by Peter Olexa
Shaz, Financial Services

A life changing experience that I will forever be grateful for... I was hesitant to book a life coach because I thought they’ll just take my money & give me a routine talk that they give to all their clients, but boy was I wrong! Anne’s love for what she did shone through to my soul. Her understanding was on a much deeper level which allowed me to connect differently & be more honest & open. I felt like I worked with someone who really cared for me as a human being, which I personally needed in order to change my life for the better.

Image by Daniele Levis Pelusi
Katerina, Scientific Consultant

Anne is extremely professional and caring, she makes you feel at ease and understood. The RTT session I had with her was a turning point for me. I understand now which internal narratives I had about me that were not serving me anymore and I even discovered that certain events in my life still play a role in the way I behave now that I wasn't aware of. The sessions gave me a new living framework and left me feeling empowered, relieved and full of hope.

Image by Ruslan Keba
Helena, Business Consultant

My RTT session with Anne was excellent. She is a calm, conscientious, and fully committed practitioner. She is a wonderful listener and made me feel totally at ease with talking about sensitive issues. I loved how she reframed things for me and I felt really energised after our session. I would recommend Anne to anyone thinking about RTT as part of their healing process.

Image by National Cancer Institute
Simona, Personal Care Provider

I reached out for help and Anne delivered in a huge, heart-centred way. I was lost and feeling dis-connected from the things that matter to me and Anne beautifully guided me back to my truth. I am forever grateful to you Anne in helping me to know what I already knew and kick-starting my zeal for life again!

Image by Kelly Sikkema
Anonymous, Auditor

And sometimes I get random messages from people who are profoundly impacted by just one conversation...


Hey Anne, just to bounce off the above I also applied for a new role that has increased my salary by 50% so I won’t need to worry about bills much anymore. Thanks for helping me believe in myself again.


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