My clients, my raison d'être


I am here to help you access your personal freedom, whether that be in the context of work, or life more broadly. The most rewarding part of my work is seeing your step into your own power and making changes to unlock your potential.

A few of my clients have generously offered to share their experience in working with me in the hope it can also inspire you to reclaim your freedom. Some preferred to use an alias*, but felt their message was too important not to share.


Corporate client endorsements will be posted soon...

Private clients

Tom, Chartered Accountant and Entrepreneur, Adelaide

Tom approached me to see if I could support him in kicking his gambling habit which had worsened over recent years. He wanted to totally give up the addiction and was apprehensive about my suggestion that we should aim to change the behaviour with just one RTT session. Could it really be possible? After just one early setback, he got in touch after one month bet-free to report back on how the session had changed his life.

"...it’s not only that - every other decision I’m making now is just so strong and well executed[.] I mean I can’t tell you how much I think it’s helped me grow and just get on with doing what I need and want to do."

Joshua*, Financial Advisory, Amsterdam

After a particularly busy period at work, Joshua* found his anxiety increased to a level where he no longer felt in control and he became unable to effectively handle stress. After our RTT session, Joshua felt much relief and was equipped to make the necessary steps to adjust how he reacted to his environment and claim his power back. 

"As someone who is reserved about talking about personal feelings, I felt no hesitation opening up to Anne. Her warm and considerate personality made me feel very much at ease already from the very start, and judging by the questions she asked and the way she drew conclusions from our conversations I could tell she was invested, dedicated and capable to making the session a success."

Simona, Personal Carer, UK 

Simona was faced with many challenges in different parts of her life. Striving toward a new vocation, she had lost the energy to proceed and felt impossibly stuck. Using RTT, we worked together to reconnect Simona to per personal power and give her the energy she needed to face her challenges and opportunities head-on.

"I reached out for help and Anne delivered in a huge, heart-centred way. I was lost and feeling dis-connected from the things that matter to me and Anne beautifully guided me back to my truth. I am forever grateful to you Anne in helping me to know what I already knew and kick-starting my zeal for life again!"

Julia*, Creative Entrepreneur, Amsterdam

Julia* is an inspirational woman who came to me with a number challenges in her relationships and business which she expected were tied to her difficult childhood. During an RTT session, we gently revisited these traumatic events and transformed the meaning, giving her back her safety, self-belief and reconnecting her with her true (and beautiful) identity. Reflecting on the session, Julia* had this to say:

"Anne helped me to connect with myself in a deeper level and have a meaningful conversation with my feelings and anxieties. With her gentle help, I was able to confront difficult traumas that were generating a lot of panic attack and nightmares. Now, I haven’t had any panic attack in months, and I’m letting more people in, which is one of the subjects we worked on. All my friends can see the difference, I’m very happy."

Helena, Business Consultant, Singapore

Helena came to me looking for support with some very personal health-related challenges. We used RTT to investigate deeper. Here's what she said following our work together...

"My RTT session with Anne was excellent. She is a calm, conscientious, and fully committed practitioner. She is a wonderful listener and made me feel totally at ease with talking about sensitive issues. I loved how she reframed things for me and I felt really energised after our session. I would recommend Anne to anyone thinking about RTT as part of their healing process."

Katerina, Scientific Consultant, Amsterdam

Katerina was dealing with a number of challenges which manifested in her experiencing difficulty in relationship. Romantic, with family, with colleagues and on occasion with friends. Underlying anxiety worsened the situation, leaving her feeling disconnected, lacking confidence and feeling not good enough. 

"Anne is extremely professional and caring, she makes you feel at ease and understood. The RTT session I had with her was a turning point for me. I understand now which internal narratives I had about me that were not serving me anymore and I even discovered that certain events in my life still play a role in the way I behave now that I wasn't aware of. The session gave me a new living framework and left me feeling empowered, relieved and full of hope."