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When you stop running for a moment, do you hear a voice inside that asks...


Many ambitious people tell me the same. Upon reaching the external ideals of "success"—the career, the family, whatever it might be—they find themselves with deeper questions they prefer to avoid. For someone whose identity has been forged on the basis of being the provider and solving problems, it is deeply confronting to feel that you are a problem that you cannot solve. 

No wonder you don't want to stop running. 

It's only when you realise that you are not a problem and do not need solving, that you can truly have access to more personal freedom.

I want to invite you on a personal quest where you can reconnect to aspects of yourself that may not have felt important until now, and redefine what success means for you.

You deserve an exceptional life, and it might just be closer than you think. 


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G I O R G I O  
digital banking lead, luxembourg

She helped me put some deeply rooted anger behind me. To erase some traumatic experiences...

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tech ceo, japan

Anne helped me unfold and unravel some limiting beliefs, but at the same time, never forgot about the end goal.

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entrepreneur, australia

...every other decision I’m making now is just so strong and well executed. 

Don't just ask "who am I?" Ask "who am I, and who will I BE while I am here?"

refocus on 


evolve YOURSELF.

Do you have a critical voice in your head that impacts your ability to make high quality decisions and feel confident in building and maintaining relationships, whether they be personal or professional?

Harbouring such thoughts often leads to low-self-worth choices in the areas of career, health and love that leave one feeling unfulfilled and often powerless, which can show up as stress, fatigue and even physical symptoms such as migraines and pain.

Moving through life as the 'lone wolf', thinking you have to figure things out by yourself, that's the old way of doing things.


You no longer have to do it alone. 

Imagine if you could be the most authentic version of yourself and feel as successful inside as what your life might look like on the outside. Think for a moment about pursuing the real vision you have for yourself...


If you've arrived here on this page, it's time to choose to acknowledge and resolve what's not working and move toward that vision. 

If you're willing to jump back in the driver's seat and sort out what's holding you back then let's connect one-to-one to talk about what's possible for you. If it's time, schedule an online appointment here:

I help people overcome their personal challenges and create the change they desire by providing them with the expert guidance, emotional support and accountability they need to meet what life is presenting to them more powerfully.


Among other things, my clients most commonly walk away with:


  • Better authority over self-talk

  • Improved decision-making 

  • Strengthened personal values

  • Greater skills and confidence in relationships

  • Deeper inspiration to pursue their mission

Other often reported benefits include reduced stress and anxiety, improved self-trust and self-respect, a greater sense of control over addictive behaviours, the ability to set healthy boundaries and an overall improvement in one's ability to take powerful actions from a foundation of personal responsibility.

“Timing can be everything and wisdom requires the patience to wait as well as the courage to leap when the time becomes right.”
― Michael Meade

I'm an Ally to MEN. 


Through my coaching practice, I focus on making personal develoment more accessible to men.


My career started in financial consulting, an industry where men make up the most part of the workforce. Working long hours and spending a lot of time together with my colleagues be it travelling for projects or pushing toward a deadline, I began to see that the men around me were struggling just as much as women to keep up with the demands of life. Yet, they seemed unable to give a voice to their challenges and receive the attention and understanding that women did. I had a lot of empathy for that situation and grew curious of what was going on.


Living up to masculine ideals seemed to imply that they couldn't feel as deeply as women did, or were only allowed to show a limited range of acceptable emotions such as happy or angry. Often, they were enduring their circumstances rather than enjoying. 

When I first started my coaching practice I was blessed to be trusted to support several great externally successful men. For most, it was the first time asking for support, even though they were into their 40s and 50s. I soon realised that personal development felt far less accessible to them, with many coaches focusing their practices on women only. And therapy, sometimes not the best solution.


This is the tip of the iceberg, but this is what inspired me to make it my personal mission to create a safe space where men can show up to be fully seen, heard and acknowledged as well as challenged to become the best version of themselves―whether personally, professionally, or both.


When men reconnect to themselves and step up into more of their potential, owning their personal freedom, everyone wins. 

My work is not only for men, however I have a strong focus on making it accessible to them. 

If you have more questions you'd like answered before booking your call to talk about the possibility of working together, fill out the form here and you'll receive a response within approximately 2 business days.

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