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Become the steward of your life.

In this increasingly complex world, it's never been more important than now to get a firm grasp on what it means to be human. I teach people a new perspective on how to best navigate the challenging emotional landscape that resides within us, as well as well as improving relational awareness, in order to unlock a new level of success. That success, I call freedom.


Whether you're looking for a guide to support your personal transformational journey or a consultant to assist you in optimising talent within your organisation, you've arrived at the right place to take a deeper look. 

Rapid Transformational Therapy

A targeted approach for addressing complex and pervasive issues such as stress, anxiety, fatigue, addiction, confidence and more.

We evolved with emotions to assist us in navigating the external world - to distinguish pain from pleasure, or threat from advancement of our species. 

Modern society frequently asks that we disconnect from this intelligence. To think in terms of logic and numbers. To believe in only what is visible or can be proven by science. In closing off our emotions, whether positive or negative, we can find ourselves feeling deeply divided internally and unable to function as we'd like to in the external world.

My guidance, through RTT or through coaching, asks you to return to your emotional instincts and harness the power therein. This journey leaves my clients better equipped at navigating their external world, unlocking an innate ability to live a more aligned life and overcome current challenges. 

Rapid Success coaching

Redesign what your life integration puzzle looks like and move towards realising this in a rapid and targeted way. 

"...why do the vast majority of employee-performance dialogues focus on progress against financial targets, and not on whether behavior is contributing to organizational health?"


The economic role of an entity is to maximise shareholder wealth. This polarising aim has led to many dysfunctional behaviours within organisations, which deteriorate firm value rather than add to it.

Mindset drives behaviour drives outcomes. Work on the mindsets within your organsation to improve the health of your workforce and see the bottom line side effects for yourself.

Corporate well-being

Empower your talent to self-manage, build resilience and work in a way which brings alignment between personal and organisational values.

Anne van der Giessen

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