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A N N E  V A N  D E R  G I E S S E N

Certified Personal Development Expert + Coach

refocus on  W H A T  M A T T E R S .

evolve  Y O U R S E L F .


What would happen if you could shift the critical voice in your head, upgrade your ability to make high quality decisions and feel confident in your relationships?


What if you could be the most authentic version of yourself and experience what success really means to you? Think for a moment about pursuing the real vision you have for yourself... it may just be closer than you think, and personal development coaching is a vehicle that can get you there. 

Moving through life as the 'lone wolf', thinking you have to figure things out by yourself, that's the old way of doing things.


You no longer have to do it alone. 


It's time to choose to acknowledge and resolve what's not working and move toward that vision. 


Being the rule-breaker, going against the grain, shifting old habits and which are no longer helpful with a trusted ally and confidante to support you along the way - that's the new way.  


If you're ready to sort out what's holding you back, you're in the right place. 

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about A N N E . 

Anne is a Certified Personal Development Expert and Coach with a mission to help people feel better in their own skin, embrace who they are and open themselves to a more meaningful and productive experience of life through fulfilment and connection.

Anne provides personal development coaching with a focus on helping people harmonise different aspects of their personal and professional lives. More specifically, she supports clients with stress management, anxiety and decision-making, anger issues, improving personal relationships and behaviour change. You can read about various past client experiences here.


She works with business owners, founders, professionals, executives and more generally people who are willing to say yes to their dreams, goals and objectives. Anne's approach is human-centred, and she is recognised for creating an open space where her clients can offload their heaviness and get back to life feeling lighter and more empowered.

feedback from C L I E N T S . 

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G I O R G I O  
head of digital banking, luxembourg

She helped me put some deeply rooted anger behind me. To erase some traumatic experiences...

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financial services, uk

A life changing experience that I will forever be grateful for...

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entrepreneur, australia

...every other decision I’m making now is just so strong and well executed. 

ready to get  C O A C H E D .

Anne helps people overcome their personal challenges and facilitate the change they desire by providing them with the expert guidance and emotional support they need.


Among other things, Anne's clients most commonly walk away with:


  • Better authority over their internal self-talk

  • Improved decision-making abilities

  • Greater skills and confidence in relationships

Other often reported benefits include reduced stress and anxiety, improved self-trust and self-respect, the ability to set boundaries and an overall improvement in one's ability to take powerful actions from a foundation of personal responsibility. 

next  S T E P S .

To know whether you and Anne will be a good fit to work together, it’s important that you connect personally to see if there is a good click.


Please schedule a complimentary Power Hour session with Anne to clarify what you're working on and explore the possibilities of a collaboration. To schedule, click here (these sessions are always free and always valuable). 

If you have more questions you'd like answered before booking your call, fill out the form below and you'll receive a response within approximately 2 business days.

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