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Do you know your warrior?

Do you know your warrior?

It's in there somewhere. Either consciously or unconsciously.

Warrior energy is powerful energy. It is energy in service of a "why" bigger than the individual who possesses it.

It's not soldier energy. Solider energy is in service of greed or power.

But warrior energy is in service of the "King", mythologically speaking. It's a cause with a more transcendent nature.

It's the energy that one might call on to finish writing a thesis, to work long hours without fatigue, to clean up the rubble that's left in the wake of a natural disaster, to do the hard thing because it's deemed as absolutely necessary to be done.

Often, the battles are not physical, but psychological.

I have to think of Victor Frankl. Sharing about what he endured inside the concentration camps in his famed book 'Man's Search for Meaning' was likely much harder than just putting those dark memories in a box in the far back corner of his mind and leaving them there, untouched.

And yet, he did it.

To me, he is a warrior of the psychological kind.

Warrior energy involves strategy. It is power, rather than brute force. There is a bigger reason that the battle must take place.

Despite living in a confusing world that both glamourises as well as punishes the warrior (probably because it mistakes the soldier for a warrior), I feel it's time for us all to awaken this energy inside of us. To get to know it, to understand it. To know how to wield it.

From there, we can make our own choices about what we must fight for. Not because we like to fight.

But because we must.

“Timing can be everything and wisdom requires the patience to wait as well as the courage to leap when the time becomes right.” ―Michael Meade


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