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New Year's Bond

   Join the FREE January challenge and stay accountable to your personal goals!   

Make a true commitment to yourself this year. Make your New Year's resolution stick. Get your mind on side and working for you.


 This year, make it a New Year's Bond.

Doing it together and having some accountability is so much more powerful than going it alone.

And there are only three simple steps to follow...


If you can believe you can do it, even if not fully yet, then it's possible!

Give your word and make it your bond below, and let me help by giving you the right tools and tips you need to set yourself up for success and keep going throughout January!

31 days of accountability, mindset tips and tricks and cheerleading. Direct to your inbox.

What is your New Years Bond going to be?


What will you commit to stopping, keeping, or starting in 2021?

...inspiration below in case you're stuck for ideas!

"My word is my bond."

- You

What should my bond be this year?

One of the reasons so many New Year's resolutions fail before January has barely started is because people aim too high, and push themselves at a time of year which can be inherently stressful.

When choosing your personal challenge, remember one of the benefits is building self-trust as well as creating habits which can be sustained for the other 334 days of the year... So make it achievable!

Here are some ideas for daily challenges:

  • Walk outside for 30 minutes each morning

  • Write down three things you're grateful for

  • Get 10,000 steps

  • Start a journalling practice

  • Do X number of push ups

  • Reduce the number of daily cigarettes 

  • Spend less than X minutes on social media

  • Reduce daily screen time to below XX 

  • Take cold showers

  • Get a minimum of X hours of sleep

  • Drink a minimum of 2 litres of water daily

  • Read for XX minutes

  • Eat 7 serves of fruit and vegetables

  • Run

  • Cut out or reduce caffeine

  • Cut out sugar

  • Cut out alcohol

  • Cut out processed foods

  • Cut out gluten or dairy

  • ...and so many more options!

One final important point... If you have a recognised addiction or health issue(s) connected with your New Year's Bond, this challenge is not for you. If in doubt, please feel free to reach out to me directly or seek the support of a suitably qualified professional. It's important you give yourself the best chances of success and keep yourself safe by having the right support.


See you in the challenge! 

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