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Impossible beliefs

There is value in believing in the impossible. But maybe not like you think.

Try some of these on for fit:

"It's IMPOSSIBLE to be completely altruistic."

"It's IMPOSSIBLE to change others."

"It's IMPOSSIBLE to get everyone to like you."

"It's IMPOSSIBLE to meet all of your needs on your own."

"It's IMPOSSIBLE to heal your coping strategies while living inside a context that makes it relevant to have them."

"It's IMPOSSIBLE to eat only one square of chocolate once you've opened the packet..."

...ah okay, so maybe that last one doesn't always hold, unless you're me. But I stand by the rest as pretty universal.

Now, just imagine how much energy you could release into your life if you could stop trying to do the impossible. To genuinely look reality in the eyes, acknowledge its existence, and act accordingly.

What would become available to you on the other side of truly accepting the impossible?

Please do take a moment to sit with this. I'd love to know what you find.

Thank you for showing up.

Keep showing up.


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