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Maybe THIS is in the way of your purpose

I am really tired of hearing about purpose and how much distress this idea causes people who “can’t find” theirs.

Not because the idea of following one’s purpose isn’t beautiful and romantic and tragic and all the things. Because those things it very much is.

But because it’s like it’s become some sort of deficiency to not be following one’s purpose, or to lack some certainty over what “it” is.

I’m going to be a bit rough and ready with you today. I hope that’s okay.

If you’re in this camp, please call timeout. Now.

No more searching.

Do this instead: sort out the basics.

Think along the lines of…

Reviewing your finances. Cleaning out the garage. Settling debts. Returning missed phone calls. Checking your insurance. Writing unwritten letters. Clearing junk out of your calendar. Vacuuming under the furniture. Unsubscribing from emails you don’t need to read (including this one if it’s no longer your jam - be my guest!). Filing your late taxes. Simplifying your morning routine. Deleting things from your to-do list. Calling your friend/sister/brother/child/etc. Repotting your house plants. Culling goals. Cleaning your office.

And if you need help with any of those things because you've got a bit of backlog, arrange that.

Purpose probably isn’t going to arrive on your door step with a bunch of flowers and say “hey honey, I’m here!”, before the two of you head off into the sunset for a life of eternal bliss.

And whenever and however it does arrive, you can be sure that it’s going to consume you in some not-insignificant way, and you will be brought to your knees in wrestling with it.

Inconvenient, but true.

Purpose is meaning.

Meaning matters.

And when something that matters so much is asking for your attention, you’re going to need to have those other distractions sorted out as much as possible so that you can get on with getting on with it.

It’s time to M A K E S P A C E.

So please, sort those “little things” out now. And while you're at it, see how you can LOVE the process of that. See it as something that adds, rather than subtracts. I suspect that those little things might not be so little… But do go ahead, prove me wrong.

Many of us were sold a lie about “purpose”. I’m all about orienting with the bigger truth, insofar as possible, and that’s why I’m inviting you into a process of cleansing and rebalancing instead of one of pursuit.

Start exactly where you are. That is where the (subtle but powerful) magic gets to happen.

Thank you for showing up.

Keep showing up.

P.S. Want some accountability? Reply and let me know what you're deciding to get responsible about cleaning up in your corner of the world.


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