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Outrage is the new rat race

If you’re like the average person in the West, and you're in any way connected to social media or media in general, chances are you’re being baited to feel outraged. And, it’s distracting you from your personal peace and your life's work.

Extreme statement? Maybe. 

An interesting example in the form of an article came across my social media feed today.

The Australian Government have just released the next budget. But the article didn’t mention anything about how the country would be allocating its spending in the coming period. It focused on the price of the Treasurer’s wife’s outfit at the event. 

The ensuing comments read things like:

“How tone deaf, people are starving on the streets of Australia, and she thinks it’s acceptable to wear that?!”

“That is disgusting."

“Our politicians are all selfish and corrupt!”

Do you see how easy it is to cause upset in the hearts and minds of people?

(Not to mention the destructive impact on their nervous systems, as we discussed in last week's newsletter.)

My question is, why are we even talking about these things? It’s not going to feed and house people or solve any of the issues the country is currently facing. Such judgements probably aren’t going to help one execute on their democratic rights, either. 

Personally, I am not interested how much this (or any) woman’s outfit cost, and who paid for it. I’ve personally worked too hard for my peace to let such things rob it from me. And I don’t think you should either.

We must learn to ave our energy and our righteous anger for where it can actually move things in the world, in your world, for where it can shift you into a better place.

Some scholars suggest we’re living in a post-truth world, where it’s almost impossible to tell real from fake, human ingenuity from artificial intelligence or truth from lies. I tend to agree. But, that ought not make us hopeless. 

Actually, the contrary.

In a world where a lot is currently in question, we’re facing an exciting opportunity to call ourselves forward to embrace a higher perspective and focus on what really, actually, truly, matters. To us. Let us collectively resist getting sucked into these narratives which seem only to cause us a sense of division and negative emotion (and higher click-rates for those setting emotional traps) and leave us in an often destructive reactionary cycle, rather than allowing us to choose conscious response (read more about this in React or respond?).

Riding the roller coaster of emotions as you are moved by what is happening in the world (or your direct experience) is much like getting bogged down in constantly thinking about tactics, rather than building a long-term strategy and implementing it. You can apply this to business or life in general, but in any case it’s not likely to get you where you want to go. 

If the example I shared doesn’t exactly resonate for you, pick another. Maybe even something in your personal or professional life which is disturbing your peace. Is a new way to look at the situation available to you if you zoom out and think big picture? And perhaps most importantly, what good thing is this situation distracting you from?

Imagine you were to remove your focus from tactics and apply it to strategy, where all that energy would be available to flow into other things.

What could be possible then?

Could you spend more time with those who are important to you? Perhaps engage more with your hobbies and interests, or pursue a new venture or study? What about more regularly standing in the sun for some minutes and enjoying that free vitamin-D and a hit of solar nourishment to your body’s mitochondria? What about incorporating more movement into your days so that you maintain your vitality for a greater portion of your life? How about finding new ways to be of service - to those you know, or those you don’t?

You will find ample opportunities to be outraged, offended, and unappreciated if you are looking for them. But I would assert your real freedom is in focusing on doubling down on the bigger game you’re playing, aligning yourself with your own values and taking actions which will improve your direct experience, and as a bonus, positively impacting those who you come into contact with. 

Will you join me in stepping out of the cycle of outrage, and choose to work on your bigger vision?

I'm not saying it will be easy. But it will be worth it. 

If you’re looking for some support and accountability with that, you know I’d be glad to talk to you. If we’ve spoken in the past and you weren’t quite ready yet, take this as your sign it’s time to reconnect. Even if you're still not sure. Drop me a note, your personal peace awaits. 

In the meantime, remember, growth requires compassion. Be gentle with yourself as you navigate this weird and wonderful world.


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