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"Wow, I feel physically lighter!"

“Wow, I feel physically lighter!” That’s what one of my now clients said to me at the end of our first conversation. It was almost as if he didn’t believe it himself. The reason we can have an experience of feeling physically lighter after a big conversion is because as well as biological beings, we humans are also linguistic beings, social beings, and energetic beings. And all of these aspects of being human are stitched together in the complex apparatus that is the nervous system. As such, talking about things can help release the physical and energetic tension that is stored in the body. Especially if your automatic tendency is to push things down and not express what you feel. If you’re not yet familiar with your nervous system and why it’s so critical in you being able to feel good, this email is for you. [And please check out the offer below, so that you too can have the chance to float out of your office like this gentleman did!]


Let’s see how you know your way around your nervous system. ▶ What events/activities/conversations/thoughts calm your nervous system? ▶ What events/activities/conversations/thoughts rev-up your nervous system and get you ready for action? ▶ How would your life be improved if you knew how and when to pull these levers to shift your state? There's no need to be an expert on all this. Just like you don't need to know how a catalytic converter works to drive a car. But it does help to know what the controls do.


Back in 2020 I wrote an article explaining the basics of the nervous system including how it responds to stress. To help you get acquainted with this important part of you, I’d like to invite you to read this important article here:

'Your nervous system and the mind-body connection'

(This article also includes a link to a video resource on how to breathe to create more calm in your system. You can go ahead and try that out right away.) As one of my valued email readers, I'm offering you the chance to have a free 60 minute 1:1 Stress Strategy Session with me, where we can talk about how your nervous system is doing and where there are opportunities for some quick wins to help you feel more calm (or more energised, if your tendency is to feel low and depleted). This is essentially personalised due diligence for your stress apparatus. Fancy that? I’ll be offering 8 sessions which I’ll invite you to take during February 2023. To claim your spot, reply to this email and I’ll send you the link to book a time to meet virtually. After the session, I’ll share with you my guide which includes a whole menu of resources that you can experiment with at your leisure. You'll be amazed at what some simple shifts can do for you.


What I'm watching: I recently signed up to take a class exploring the classic work Plato's Republic with Michael Millerman at the Millerman School. It's INCREDIBLE so far. This is a relatively new independent philosophy school and Michael also puts out loads of great content on YouTube. If you're a bit of an intellectual junkie like me and are keen to develop your understanding of politics and/or philosophy, I think you'll enjoy it. I had a great conversation with Michael last week and can promise you some great things are in store at the Millerman School.

What I'm writing about: not much. To be honest, I'm taking things a little easy this week after my four-week working vacation in the south of Spain during January. Once my brain is used to the Dutch cold again, I'll get back to it!


If you're one of those people who is really good at enduring tough stuff, full of stamina and doesn't find it very easy to ask for help, I really want to encourage you to take me up on this opportunity to get together 1:1. No sales talk. Just you and me, and our nervous systems working together for your highest and best interests (if you want more, I'll wait for your call back). I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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