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Picking up pens and unfolding myths

If you were to write a book on your life until now, where would each chapter begin and end?

Who would be the key characters?

What would be the main pivotal events?

What if right now you are standing on the last page of one particularly dramatic chapter.

What if over the page your character takes their first taste of true freedom...

What if you are about to dive into something new and exciting and expansive, something that is absolutely undoubtedly positively UNPREDICABLE… because you’re still on the last page of the previous chapter...

I don’t believe we should buy into the idea that the future is our salvation. Also known as the “I'll be happy when [insert future possibly unattainable goal here]” mentality. Because by definition, we’ll never be happy.

I believe in living, learning and growing through challenges, even embracing them (although, sometimes enduring them is all we can access in a moment, and that's okay too). I imagine that when the final chapters are written one can look back and feel strong, courageous and grateful for the path taken and the unique narrative that was woven together.

The beautiful thing about YOUR story, is that YOU are the author. We can’t always control what happens. But we can either view life as happening TO us...or FOR us. One view renders us powerless. The other, powerful.

Maybe you’re the man who forgives his father for the abuse he suffered, only after his father’s death.

Maybe you’re the woman who steps into her self-worth and takes life by the horns and changes the world in her forties.

Maybe you’re the boy who grew up in riches only to discover after walking away from it all that some things in life matter far more than fortune… and then re-builds his wealth on a new foundation of integrity.

Maybe you’re the one who beat the unbeatable illness.

We tend to act like ourselves. We tend to seek refuge in the safety of the familiar and avoid the unfamiliar. But perhaps to deny transition, to deny change, is to deny ourselves access to a better story.

You are the author.

What will be your next chapter?

Can you be unwaveringly present to the current one, while you create the future?

Thank you for showing up.

Keep showing up.


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