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Silence is not empty, it's full of potential

I see you. You’re just like me.

Filling up your time with things.

Maybe those things are obligations. To-dos… or perhaps the more insidious ”must dos”, “have tos”. Answering emails. Text messages.

Maybe those things are fillers. An innocent scroll here. A few reels or TikToks or YouTube shorts, whatever gets you going. A punt here or there on the nearest sports betting app even.

None of these things are “bad” per se (if you’ve been hanging around here for a bit, you probably know by now that I don’t like to use terms like “good” or “bad”).

And to be very honest, I don’t really care if you do these things or don’t do these things, or in what quantity.

What I want to know is whether, amongst all these things, there is room for YOU?

Is there room for you to reflect on what’s really going on for you?

Is there room for you to be in appreciation of what you have?

Is there room to ask yourself if you’re okay with how your life is unfolding, or whether maybe something is not okay and needs to be actioned?

What about whether or not the goals you plan on setting for the incoming new year are because you really believe in them and are embracing them with openness and curiosity, or whether you feel there is something to prove?

Those questions, and their answers, can only arise when there is both space + intention.

Silence. Contemplation. Meditation. Writing. Stillness.

It doesn’t matter what you call it or how it comes about.

You will know if you have it, or not.

This email is an invitation to CREATE IT!

And if you already have it… then maybe create even MORE OF IT!

One of the biggest needle movers I see for my clients is the intentional creation of space in their schedules.

We’re all busy.

We all have full lives.

So space is something that we can best plan for if we’d really like to have it. There are some important reasons which might sway you to consider that this is necessary for you:

Space enables creativity.

Space allows emotions to pass through without getting “stuck”.

Space allows for new solutions to old problems to emerge.

Space creates room for beauty.

Space creates room for appreciation.

Space allows us to reconnect with our needs.

Space gives voice to our conscience and allows it to correct our course.

I could go on.

But it doesn’t really matter, because what comes through when you create space will be different from the next person. This is my invitation to you, to be a rebel. In the midst of this busy time of year, in a world that demands your attention almost constantly, turn the focus back on you. Go to your agenda and schedule some delicious YOU-time.

Even if it’s 15 minutes.

If you’re looking to push the boundaries, make it an hour. Or more! You know what you can make happen.

Please–just give it a try. Be as generous as you can.

This is a non-negotiable part of my life these days, and it is like medicine to me. Which is why I tell everyone about it. Often. Because we seem to need reminding, even me. Even when I know it’s not negotiable for my well-being (I’m human too).

“The Silence is a treasure beyond all others. It sparkles with life, like the stars. Silence is not empty, as we might imagine, but pregnant with the entire cosmos." - Richard Rudd

Through silence and space, I’ve had some exciting things come through for me in recent times, which will translate to a new iteration of how I show up in your inbox. I am excited to tell you more about that soon.

For now though, open that agenda, schedule that YOU-time.

And for extra accountability, let me know once you’ve done it!

Compassionately walking the path with you.

TL;DR - Because you're a human and reading this email, it's highly likely you're in need of some intentional YOU-time. Go and schedule it today. See what happens in that space. Let me know to stay accountable.

P.S. I’m excited to be in planning mode for 2023, and I would love to hear from you about what is most useful to support YOUR personal development. Which topics would you like me to share more about? Would you like more tools, stories, exercises, video content, live workshops? Shorter emails? I consider you part of my community and I want to make it as meaningful and useful for you as possible. Let me know here.


How can I help?

  1. I wrote an article this week about a place called Tartarus that is deeper and darker than hell itself. Sounds like a charming read, doesn't it?! Tartarus: The cycle of deep hell and divine dreams (an article about cycles and the nature of myth).

  2. Are you looking for personal support as you go through a life transition, plan for something new, or decide once and for all to change the relationship you have with yourself? Apply for a 1:1 Power Hour session with me where we can explore the possibilities of working together. I'm now taking consultations for start dates in early 2023.

  3. Are we connected on LinkedIn? I share regular content there and open some really interesting conversations with my community. Will you join us?


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