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Would you dare to steal the fire?

Would you dare to steal the fire?

Prometheus did. He deceived the gods and stole their fire so that he could share it among humankind, a move that prompted rapid development across civilisation--arts, medicine, technology, language. Access to this creative fire touched every part of human development.

Zeus was enraged.

Now the mere mortals would have access to the same power as the gods.

As punishment, Zeus chained Prometheus to a rock and had eagles eat out his liver, which would replenish daily, every day for eternity.

Prometheus was both a trickster, and a hero in the eyes of humanity. His act might even be viewed as rightful deception, believing that humans too deserved access to this empowering technology that was previously restricted to the gods.

We can take many meanings from this myth. One might be that sometimes we must break rules when we see them as improper. That we ought to share information and technologies generously amongst everyone, so that we all may flourish. That we too can allow ourselves to be fuelled by a vision for a better world.

What technology would you like to share with the world? What is the metaphorical "fire" that you would like to bring to humanity?

I am grateful to be working with a number of business owners and founders who are doing just thatsharing the fire they've discovered to help create a better world. What an honour it is to be an ally to such trailblazers!

Would you dare to do the same?


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