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The ineffable

What is ineffable is too great to be expressed in words. Like “thin places”, certain geographical, religious or mystical locations—or simply moments in time—where we sense, intuitively, that heaven and earth are a little bit closer than normal. This terminology comes from Celtic wisdom. When I first heard it, I recognised it instantly. Do you as well? If not, my apologies. I have no words. It’s simply ineffable. What happens inside these little pauses in time could best be touched by poetry, but even then, the greatest word crafters might struggle. Have you ever found yourself tugging at the sleeve of the Virgin? This is an expression from Mexico, ‘dar a algo un tirón fuerte’. It seeks to describe the dynamic where one tries incrementally harder to prove that they are acceptable or worthy; trying to be good. In a way, that experience also has an ineffable quality to it. Logic and reason offer no salvation to such a state of tugging, seeking the approval of Mother Mary, or some other great figure “above” us. There is a certain striving. But for what? I love thin places because they remind me that I have a soul. And one that is capable of connecting to something greater than what little me can conceive of. A place where no tugging is required. Finding myself in a situation where I am tugging on the Virgin’s sleeve reminds me that I’m more than a soul. I’m a human. Having a deeply human experience; hurting, conspiring, proving, protecting, projecting. All those things an ego does. So what is this all about? What is Anne trying to say as she jumps from thought to thought? I’m inviting you into a dance. Between the ego and the soul. A dance where you might discover something truer than you would should you opt for the binary: ego or soul. Mythologically speaking, they say that spirit is born of the union of the two. And spirit, according to my personal observations and collected anecdotes, is the thing that feeds this mysterious thing called “success”. Spirit is the essence of the True Self. If you’ve been reading my footnotes you’ll already know about this, but if not, I’ve got something exciting to tell you about. From September 28-30 I will be the MC and host for a transformational online event called the True Self Summit. Together with 11 other master coaches and certified personal development specialists, we’ll be taking participants on a wild ride toward truth and possibility. And ultimately, for those keen to dive in deep, true change.

We have a line up of both men and women facilitating 13 different experiences across the three days. This is not a “feel good” event. It’s a “let’s get real” event, where our collective purpose as coaches is to help you see the opportunities in front of you to become more *you* than ever before. Why? Because we believe a return to personal integrity and genuine personal alignment is the key to unlocking the potential of your worldly gifts. Cheesy, maybe. But can you imagine if everyone on this planet was able to participate in humanity in a meaningful and rewarding way? Perhaps, a more spirited way. That’s the kind of world I want to live in. Finding the right coach to work with (should you desire to) can be challenging, and not everyone is keen to jump into such a commitment for various reasons, be that time, money, energy or something alike. So we want to give you the opportunity to experience a diversity of styles and experiences to help you orient yourself toward what is for your highest and best interest. What you do with that is up to you. Our event is free to join. Free registration will gain you full access to all sessions plus a bonus guided breathwork session. If the live schedule doesn’t work well where you are due to timezones (we’re live in the evening in Europe and day time in the US), free registration also gives you 72 hours of replay access. If you want to go a level deeper, VIP registration gives you replay access for 6 months, and, most importantly, an invitation to bonus group coaching sessions each day where you get to immerse yourself in the content more deeply and have an opportunity to receive hot seat coaching. I don’t put my name behind people and events that I don’t fully believe in. It’s my genuine assertion that if you join any of the sessions as part of this event you can learn something profound about your True Self. Hear me talk about it some more in this 2-minute video. It’s been really epic working with these powerful human beings for the last 6+ months as we’ve been creating this event for you. They’re awesome and they humble me deeply. But that’s nothing compared to what’s possible for you if you decide to venture down your personal path of truth and see what kind of adventure you’ll have (that doesn’t need to be during the summit, but it’s a nice opportunity to begin). Will you answer the call? Learn more and register here. Thank you for dancing the dance. Thank you for showing up. Keep showing up.

P.S. I’m excited to share with you my podcast conversation with Nicoline Huizinga is now live! Nicoline is one of the invisible forces behind my success. No one does this business journey alone, and it was so much fun to chat to Nicoline and weave our stories into the ideas behind Human Design, one of the tools Nicoline uses to help business owners feel empowered to move forward in a way that reflects their true selves (seems to be a theme…). We talk success, energy management, critical thinking and having the courage to be misunderstood. So much gratitude for Nicoline. Please tune-in - there’s something for everyone in this conversation. Listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or watch on YouTube.


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