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The way out

Stop looking for a "way out".

That's the best advice I can offer as someone who supports people who know their lives were made for more than being stressed about work and their personal roles and responsibilities.

It doesn't work.

What you think is the way out is often simply distraction.

You can take my word for that because I have tried lots and lots of times. 🤡

It's deliciously tempting. When we submit, it feels good for a while. Yet, in terms of the end goal—let's call that, broadly speaking, "freedom"—it's highly ineffective. It gives us something to do to, to busy our minds with, but then as soon as the world slows down again... BOOM! There you are.

The only way is through.

The way to connect to some genuine sense of personal freedom is through connecting to yourself. It's a path of truth, so you can be sure it will be bumpy.

But boy oh boy is it worth it.

I had a couple of client sessions last week where the courage I was witnessing almost brought me to tears.

"Stay professional Anne", she affirms to herself.

My clients are confronting things like internalised shame, deep, deep patterns of avoidance because living inside the dream feels easier than knowing for sure it's a "NO". It's big stuff. It's stuff that cuts through to a deeper level of Self. Of Soul, even.

This would be a perfect entry point for me to shift to to the True Self Summit I've already told you lots about, but I'm not going to do that. The link is below at point 1) if you're looking for it.

I want to instead ask you a question:

Where in your life are you leaning out, avoiding, denying, suppressing, because reality feels difficult to face?

And, is there one teeny, tiny, little thing you can do to look at that thing a little closer? Even simply to name it?

This is not your practice run at life. This is the main event - this is your life.

Make it one that is true to you. And then you'll find the others.

I'm rooting for you.

Thank you for showing up.

Keep showing up.


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