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The whole banana

Here’s a new paradigm to consider…

Don't plan, prepare.

Don't search, explore.

Don't set goals, open your eyes to new horizons.

As we head into 2023, it doesn’t feel like the time for rigidity. Sure, good old-fashioned discipline can help you on some fronts. But it is likely not the way for everyone at every stage.

What will serve you more than rigid goals in this coming time is to orient yourself with a higher value that will be your North Star, and then make as many of your decisions as possible in that direction.

You don’t need a new year to do that. You just need to choose and hold a consistent perspective, a frame of reference.

But hey, while we’re here in this weird season of excessive and sometimes irresponsible goal setting, why not seize the moment?!

This coming year, I invite you to choose one thing to move toward.


Maybe it’s adventure.

Maybe it’s health.

Maybe it’s connection.

Maybe it’s financial health.

Maybe it’s nourishment.

Maybe it’s wholeness.

Maybe it’s self-compassion.

Maybe it’s growth.

(I'd love to hear what you choose!)

It’s okay to desire something different for yourself–goal, objective, dream, resolution, etc–whatever label you’d like to put on it. They have their place. If this is part of your preparation for the incoming year, go for it! My caution on that is to check the energy that is behind your goals.

Is it creative and expansive? Or is it reactive and reinforcing the absence of something?

Avoid the game that reinforces a sense of lack. Embrace the game that feels like play.

That’s the whole banana.

“[A] life full of goals and end-points is like trying to abate one's hunger by eating merely the two precise ends of a banana. The concrete reality of the banana is, on the contrary, all that lies between the two ends, the journey as it were[.] Furthermore, when the time and space between destinations are cut out, all destinations tend to become ever more similar.” – Alan Watts

Happy New Year. I’m so looking forward to sharing more with you in 2023.

Thank you for being here.

In the arena with you,

TL;DR - Prepare, explore, open yourself to new horizons.

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