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Three years from now...

Imagine it's three years from now, and you and I bump into each other.

Because we don't do small talk around here, you jump right into sharing with me that the last three years have been the most incredible years of your life...!

And you proceed to tell me your story, beginning with "Anne, it all came from this one difficult choice that I decided to make that day..."

Well , would you care to elaborate on that?

If we're living, breathing humans, the chances are that we can see a fork in the road in the not too distant future.

Such impending choices can cause varying levels of irritation. Maybe it feels like a little tickle, like wearing a jumper with some wool mixed into the yarn. Or maybe it feels like an enormous quandary, and you're walking around with the mental equivalent of neon lights flashing away in your psyche, "CHOOSE NOW!", "CHOOSE NOW!", and that colours everything in your life.

It seems choice-making is a big theme of late (did you read last week's newsletter on Sorting "this" from "that"?).

The thing about making choices is that they force us out of inaction and into imperfect action.

Away from the comfortable-uncomfortable and into the unknown-uncomfortable.

That's where, if we can manage to use our stress productively, we can really grow.

That's where I like to play.

I live, breathe, and dream personal growth and human potential. And, I'm imperfect. Like the rest of us, I have stupid arguments with my partner. Some days getting out of bed is real hard work, and on others I struggle with what to wear. I often do things last minute and I've been known drink too much coffee, or beer, from time to time. And some nights I stay up late like a naughty teenager.

Do you know the thing about you and me ? We're both human.

And making choices, both micro and macro, is part of that.

Of course those smaller decisions we all make repeatedly each day can and do culminate in big things over time. But don't don't fall into the trap of defining yourself by your little transgressions (your conscience will know if you're still entitled to call them "little"!).

Give yourself the opportunity to define who you are by how you show up to your bigger life choices. That's where the real magic happens.

The rest can and often does sort itself out, much of the time.

So with that, I return to my original nudge :

Imagine it's three years from now, and we bump into each other. What would be that important choice you'd be telling me about?

Your replies are welcome and much appreciated.

Thank you for showing up.

Keep showing up.


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