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WW #016: Elusive energy leaks

Today I want to share with you a new article I wrote that covers the top 5 energy leaks I recommend you review when looking at your personal energy management equation.

I've referred to these top 5 as "elusive" energy leaks, because unless you know what you're looking form you may not know how to spot them. This is especially true if you tend to be a busy person who is always in the go-ing/do-ing mode rather than the flow-ing/be-ing mode.

This article is a deep and thorough investigation into the top 5 as I've called them:

  • Unfinished business

  • Unexpressed anger

  • The lone wolf mentality

  • Lack of “white space”

  • Identity conflicts

Each of these topics is very much nuanced in its own right. Each of these topics could be a month worth of coaching! In this article, I've attempted to give you enough information to spot what's going on for you and I've offered some suggestions for what you can to to plug those leaks and reclaim some lost energy. Ready to dive in?

Here it is:

Make sure you have a good 15 minutes spare for your first read through. I welcome you to share with me here what comes up for you and what you feel called to commit to as a result of reading this article.

Remember, whenever you're engaged in personal development, it's important to do so with a healthy dose of self-compassion, and I'd also recommend a spoonful of reverence for the human condition.

Happy Wellness Wednesday.

Your coach for more peace, power and possibility,

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