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WW #021: The Acorn Theory

How would it change your life if you knew that what you came here for was already handwritten on your soul?

What if your one single job was to look inside, find it, and then live it?

This speaks to an idea buried in many old stories coming from different cultures and belief systems across the globe. It’s an idea about each one of us having a unique essence or gift inside of us. Something that is of value to not only us, but to the world.

Mythologists have distilled this idea down to something referred to commonly as the Acorn Theory, and I wrote about it in a new article. If you’re seeking to feel inspired, I invite you to read it here:

You might have noticed, I’ve kinda fallen in love with examining life through the lens of myth. I find it helpful, because it draws us out of our own stories and into something much deeper and more profound. It’s a new way to relate to the truth with out all the triggers of poking at it directly.

On this Acorn Theory... I really believe in a uniqueness that we all possess, and find it exciting to be on this constant voyage of discovery. I know it can be tiring. And I know it’s worth it. So please, give this one a read.

I’d love to know what “emerges” from this article for you!

Happy Wellness Wednesday.

Wishing you peace, power and possibility,

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  1. I wrote a rather provocative and fun piece for my Mythology Monday social share this week. Want to read about personal transformation, corporate leadership, McDonalds, Amazon, the Underworld and ancient Indian life concepts in one article? Here you go. There are some ties to the Acorn Theory too.

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