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WW #024: It couldn't have been any other way

So many of us are living in a state of resistance to what is.

Our judgements can be paralysing. Emotionally. Mentally. Physically.

If you have issues with your energy, then I have one question for you:

Where are you at war with yourself?

It costs an enormous amount of energy to fight with yourself. You may not even realise you're doing it. But if you really sit with my question and acknowledge where that's happening for you, then you're halfway to reclaiming some of that lost energy.

The other half, is reading, really understanding, and taking the steps to embody this powerful quote from one of my mentors:

“What happened, happened and couldn’t have happened in any other way… because it didn’t.” —Peter Crone

No matter how much you're in resistance to the past, what was said or done, it's not going to change it.

Nor should it.

Could you entertain, for just a moment, that everything is exactly as it's supposed to be?

So now, in the absence of your past being somehow "wrong", what is possible for you in this moment when you see yourself from that more loving, compassionate place?

My invitation for this Wellness Wednesday is to do just that.


How can I help?

  1. Are you looking for personal support as you go through a life transition, plan for something new, or decide once and for all to change the relationship you have with life (by changing the one you have with yourself)? Apply for a Power Hour session where we can explore the possibilities of working together. This is brave work, but maybe it's time.

  2. Are we connected on LinkedIn? I share content almost daily during the week and open some really interesting conversations with my community, so I'd love to invite you to join in there.


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