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WW #026: Meet Rigid Roger and Chaotic Calvin

Are you someone who tends to need structure and rules, or do you create your own flavour of organised chaos wherever you go?

Maybe you're a bit of both.

This week I'm sharing with you an article I wrote about how being either of those things in an extreme way is probably not supportive for your sense of well-being nor your person freedom.

In this article we take a look at an idea from Dr Dan Siegel, an expert on presence (the key to peace in my book!), which illustrates the importance of maintaining our ability to be adaptable rather than cling to one way of being.

I've recruited a couple of fellas to help me illustrate these ideas.

Meet Rigid Roger.

He has an unshakable belief in a certain structure being required in the world and it’s hard to get him to shake it. He’s a bit like a dog with a bone–he just won’t let it go. Roger struggles to be open to new ideas (though he’d never admit it). He’s a my-way-or-the-highway kinda guy. He's someone you can always trust to get a job done... but sometimes that's at a cost.

Now meet Chaotic Calvin.

Calvin has a bit of trouble connecting to his North Star. He’s doing so many different things which all feel important, but nothing much gets done. He has a lot of ideas, but finishing isn’t his strong point. He doesn’t keep track of things well. He’s lost a lot of confidence in himself and feels like life is against him.

Roger and Calvin help us explore these ideas of rigidity and chaos and introduce some new "bumpers", you know, like ten pin bowling, that can help us avoid getting pulled too far toward the bank of rigidity or too far toward the bank of chaos while paddling along the river of life.

Enjoy the read, and I'd love to know your key takeaways.

Wishing you peace, power and possibility.



TL;DR - Your well-being is higher when you learn to be adaptable rather than holding tightly to your comfortable ways of being. Review the language that limits you and consider what is available for you when you let life flow a little more.


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